McCauley Beauty

“Maria O’Neill Design created a wonderful scheme for our beauty salons. It has a contemporary feel, exactly what our clients are looking for.”


CAD Drawings

3D Rendering

Design Management

Concept to Clients

We begin each project by researching how both the staff and customers will use the retail area in order to develop creative solutions that allow us to explore new ways to put people at the centre of the experience.

Rendering to Reality

With one eye firmly on the future, we work closely with our trusted group of contractors to ensure that your project progresses in the most cost effective manner possible. We use our creative expertise to maximise the potential of your space while managing the practical requirements of your business, such as building regulations and compliance etc.

Finishing Touches

Years of experience allows us to quickly see the potential of your space. We source everything from workshops around the world and use our relationships with our tradesmen, shopfitters and builders to open up new possibilities. We put the emphasis on clear, open communication with everyone involved in the project to ensure success, which allows us to take our designs to the next level.

McCauleys Beauty Salon

Maria was great to work with, nothing seemed too much bother...

“her vision of what we were looking for was perfect. She was very hands on and called weekly site meetings to keep an eye on progress.”

The Brief

We were commissioned to create a relaxed, stylish environment that not only work hard to make the customer feel special but all took into account the over all brand direction.

Working within a specified budget and to a compressed timeframe, we were required to created more concealed storage without compromising style. We addressed this by adjusting the reception area and creating a new retail section that allows customers to browse at ease. By reworking the room space we were able to create a separate area that offers nail and pedicure to customers.

The introduction of slick lines, eye catching branded windows screens, durable stone finishes and custom designed wall graphics and wall prints resulted in a professional and inviting space that put the focus on the needs of the customer.

What we did

– Staff and customer journey planning 
– Zoning retail/reception/storage 
– Way finding signage 
– Custom large wall graphics and block mounted prints
– Cad drawings 
– 3D renderings 
– Design management 
– Weekly site meetings 
– Mood boards on finishes 
– Colour consultant 

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